What is FPV?

FPV or "First Person View" allows the user to 'fly' as if they are sitting in the cockpit of the radio controlled vehicle. This allows for a very unique experience as the user will be able to fly along with the drone.

We are confident we can provide the best FPV Drone Packages as we have specifically designed each kit to fit your event needs.

Lastly, we provide in-person training and tech support so you can focus on the events while we help you keep on flying.

Why choose IRONQUAD?

Since 2016, we have received many different feedback from consumers regarding the difficulty of flying FPV drones. Our vision and goal from the beginning is to make good, easy to fly drones for anyone to enjoy.

Using the experience and knowledge we accrued over the years, we created and provide a drone kit specifically catered to first time pilots as we are confident anyone could fly with confidence in no time!

We also provide full drone racing packages using traditional hobby grade tinywhoop drones, which have plenty of power and speed. Gates, flags, cones, and starting mat with a track layout will be provided along with the necessary batteries and accessories for the least painless way to start racing events.

Most importantly, we offer in-person training and after sales support. We have specialists ready to answer any questions while using our products so your events will continue to run smoothly.