Aviation & FPV focus

We offer packages for elementary to highschool and have 3 different programs to choose from.

Our Aviation Introduction have 24 sessions, divided by 3 modules. They follow the Learn, Build, and Do program where the students will build, learning the science behind it, and DO a mission that applies directly to their learning.

Our other 2 programs focuses on FPV (First Person View) as they will be in the driver's seat while piloting a safe, durable, and capable FPV quadcopters for either skills challenge or highly competitive FPV racing.

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Aviation Introduction

Easy to build airplane and rocket kits that can fly.

Includes all parts along with a 11 session curriculum in a slide format that covers the build, learning lession, and mission!

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Module #2

R/C Quadcopter Kit

Using the heavily tested and successful Starlight quadcopter, your students will build it!

Also comes with a 9 session curriculum that will include the build instructions, lesson plan, and mission!

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Module #3

R/C Plane Build

Dive deeper into fixed-wing aircraft as your students will build a foam plane, add electronics to it, and make their own R/C (Radio Controlled) plane!

This will include a 4 session curriculum along with the build instructions, lesson plan, and missions!

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FPV Packages

FPV or "First Person View" is a unique experience where the pilot controls the R/C vehicle as if they are riding in it! However, it is not only just "fun" but requires critical thinking, troubleshooting, and mastering UAS operations.

We offer 2 packages, the FPV apprentice and the FPV competition. Learn more below!



Extremely easy to fly and designed for beginners! No experience? No Problems!

Includes a 12 session lesson plan to guide your students to becoming FPV pilots as they set their sights on a obstacle challenge at the last session!

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FPV Competition kit


This package is designed to prepare your organization for FPV racing. Very competitive, challenging, and extremely fun! Instruction Guides will be provided to organize an FPV racing event!

You never know, your school/organization may be invited to participate in our IRONQUAD FPV race event.

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